STRONGHOLDE - Traditional Heavy Metal from Germany

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    Hey, maniaxe!

    I am the guitarist and singer of the Heavy Metal band STRONGHOLDE. We play pure Heavy Metal in the tradition of (old) Manowar, Stormwitch, Jethro Tull, Omen, Heavy Load, Cirith Ungol, Candlemass, Judas Priest, Bathory and simmilar bands, sometimes heaviely rocking like hell, sometimes epic as can be! If you are into the old school of Heavy Metal, into denim and leather, spandex and spikes and into headbanging, hardrocking metal parties, check out our homepage! Under the toppic "extras" you can find a link to our myspace page, where you can listen to the songs "Hail to the Hammer" and "The Witch" from our new Demo "Heavy Metal is back from Hell"!

    Long live the loud,
    Flo (aka Gordon Overkill) & STRONGHOLDE


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