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4 Aug. 2008
Jorn Lande's microphone wasn't sent to the main PA for TWO WHOLE SONGS at the beginning of the Avantasia gig!! All I could hear was a very, very faint mix from the monitors. Un-fucking-believable. Couldn't hear him til the 3rd song sometime. The best sound I found was on the party stage, saw The Haunted and Axxis there(though the leave's eyes sound was pretty crap but it was one of the first gigs on there). two of the best gigs of the weekend for me. Also Lordi sounded shite straight after Axxis. Hope they get them(Axxis) back next year. Brilliant gig.

Also I listened to Maiden from the campsite for a while and the delay was so out of sync it was hilarious. The main stage engineer(s) made a lot of fuckups on a lot of the gigs, the ones I listened to anyway, but hey, this is a massive festival with a fuckload of bands to switch between, it can't be perfect all the time. I was annoyed they screwed up on a few of th ebands I really wanted to see, but what can ya do eh...
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W:O:A Metalhead
14 Nov. 2007
I agree that the Party stage seemed to have the best sound. The Scarecrow is such an awesome song and it was tanked because of the sound.


<span style="color:black">Moderator</span>
15 Juni 2003
I think the sound system is not the main problem here. Most bands bring their own sound engineer which is of course a good thing because they are the people who actually know about any single specific sound a band brings up on stage. On the other hand - the sound system itself is set up by the festival-organization. This can only lead to massive fuckups every now and then, and it's not gonna change.