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    Lars Ratz & Michael Ehré are teaming up with some other musicians in a new project called APOLON :

    The APOLON project is looking for kick ass singer ! In case YOU are a flexible Metal-shouter …here is YOUR chance !!
    What comes out if a edge cutting BLACK METAL guitarist (V Santura of DARK FORTRESS), a spherical keyboarder (Joost van den Broek of AFTER FOREVER) and the thundering rhythm section of an traditional Heavy Metal act (Lars Ratz and Michael Ehre of METALIUM) are teaming up for an unusual and exciting project ? Nobody will know before recordings are mixed ! But before mixing any recordings a capable singer will be needed ! Instead of checking out only already known singers out APOLON gives singers around the world through the wide web the chance to send their demos in… it doesen’t matter where in the universe you are from…click here for details and info:

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