Shuttle bus Itzehoe - arrivals and departures online

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    17. Dezember 2006
    Today we are able to show you the arrivals and departures of our Shuttle Service.
    From Tuesday to...

  2. MsShah

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    21. April 2010
    help pls! ? :)

    hello, i tried to make a new post but it wont let me, maybe coz i just joined, also not speaking german is making this whole thing very difficult for me..
    so I have one question to ask... as i cannot find the answer anywhere on the main website... is it possible to buy a one day pass to the event?
    I am coming from australia to go to mera luna and to visit friends in amsterdam, so i figured i should come to this for one day also since i will be in germany anyway and can see motley crue lol
    so if i want to come just for the 6th, one day only can i buy a ticket? if so how much and is there a direct url link to where i can do this?
    thanks in advance for any help.
    ps as i will not be wanting to camp at the event any advice on a cheap hotel or backpackers nearby would be great as the following day il be off to catch a train to Hildesheim Hauptbahnhof and have no idea how far away this is from where wacken is...
    thanks again for any help anyone can give me and sorry for thread hijack :/
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    20. April 2007
    hello there arent day tickets anymore, if you want to visit the festival, you´ll have to buy a 3 days ticket (all in)

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