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    All discussion about which band could come and which not, salary, contract policy etc. is bullshit!

    In fact, Wacken has become huger than any other festivals over the years, and there have been SEVERAL festivals with Metallica AND Manowar or with Iron Maiden AND Slayer AND Machine Head or whoever - all with much less visitors than Wacken had in the past few years.

    So of course, Wacken can afford to book the hugest bands in the world. No problem to pay for Metallica, even if they cost four times as much as Maiden (which they do!).

    The thing is: why should they? They even had 22.000 visitors with Metal Church (!!!!!) as main act in 1999. And they only became bigger and bigger!

    They don´t NEED to pay this money, because they will sell out anyway.

    Whatever, I really hope that some "big acts" are coming - I just like to see some "real" rockstars, if there are 70.000 people to come anyway.

    Metallica (definitely possible)
    AC/DC (VERY huge, but why not?)
    Mötley Crüe (great new album!)
    KISS (well...)
    Led Zep
    Judas Priest (last chance...?)
    Guns´n´Roses (OK, they really don´t belong to Wacken, but hey...)
    Rammstein (germans biggest band on germans biggest Festival - should happen someday, if you love them or not...)
    Slayer (bad gig in 2003, they should come back)
    Alice Cooper (the show is still cool)
    Dream Theater (no real headliner, but just great!)
    Sepultura (only with the Cavaleras of course)
    Rush (many would bow down and crawl on knees to Wacken if they came...)

    and fanatastic would be

    Tenacious D!!!
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