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    ich wär mal TOTAL dafür wenn sepultura für 2007 kommen würde!!!
    da es eventuell eine re-union von den cavaleras geben soll wäre dies der hammer!
    ein zitat von max cavalera von roadrunner records:

    Soulfly Frontman Max Cavalera sprach vor kurzem mit dem holländischen Webzine über eine mögliche Re-Union mit seiner alten Band Sepultura. Auf die Frage nach den Gerüchten um eine Wiedervereinigung von Sepultura und angeblichen Ozzfestgigs, antwortete Max:

    „There's been a lot of rumors. Sepultura is one of the most rumored things out there. [laughs] I talked to my brother [ex-Sepultura drummer Igor Cavalera] recently. He has a new son named Antonio, which is my middle name. He says he looks a lot like me. I've only seen a picture. I plan to visit him sometime next year. We're in a very good relationship, which is great, after all this bullshit. Ten years… Life is too short to hold [grudges]. So I think in a weird way, God has a way to manage these things and he's putting it all together now. With or without the reunion - I don't really care - it's important that we're brothers… blood, family… it's a great thing. But to tell you the truth, it would be cool to have a reunion. Even my kids wanna see it. My [stepson] Richie is like, 'Oh, my God, I've gotta… I know I saw Sepultura, but I was too little, I don't remember.' And Sepultura has touched so many people. So it would be really, really cool."

    Zur Nachfrage wie eine Sepultura Re-Union die Arbeit mit Soulfly beeinflussen würde, sagte Max, „I think Soulfly [and Sepultura] are completely different things. Soulfly has its own identity and its own vibe. And it will not conflict with Sepultura, I don't think - it's two completely different things. And touring with Black Sabbath last year - I was really inspired. It was so good to see… Those guys, they hated each other for a long period, and you see that they make up and they go on tour, and they… I don't know. You can really see that Ozzy loves Black Sabbath. It's in his blood. He loves [the band]. How can you not? It was inspiring for me. So I think I understand more now why people want to see [a] Sepultura [reunion]. It makes more sense now than it did… when we first split up, I was like, 'No, I'm never doing that shit again. Screw this, I hate this shit,' but I think different now. It's working itself [out]. When it happens, it'll happen, and it'll be good."
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    Aber mal zu 100% Zustimmung!



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