Searching for this guy from Croatia I talked to on Wednesday

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    In the evening we met in front of the entrance from “Wackinger Village”. You were there with another guy and I was on my way with a (girl)friend.
    I remember he said that Wednesday it was your birthday, then we four of us talked a lot and then we were going back to Wackinger Village.
    At this place you and I talked about Mercedes Benz, Vans, some bands and some other stuff.
    Later you told me that you´re working in the V.I.P. Area and then I told you, a band called “My inner Burning” are playing in the V.I.P. Area and a friend of mine is playing in this band. Later the two of us were alone sitting in some kind of this Wacken Supermarkets and drank a beer together. There we talked about our jobs and we found out that we are nearly doing the same thing, in fact we´re some kind of a social worker. Later we wanted to change our numbers. But because of my (girl)friend, who suddenly came back and made pressure ´cause she wanted to go back to the camping area, we both lost each other. And now I really really hope to find you because I really enjoyed this evening and the conversation we had.

    Hope to find you soon!:confused: :cool:

    Greetings from Julia, from the North of Germany

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