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    03. August 2008
    It is just an idea I had to find someone again whom I met on the W:O:A.
    I was standing in front of the WET-Stage in the mud, which actually was the reason for the contact I made there. It was Powerwolf playing, when a girl asked me where I'm from. She is from Scotland, Glasgow to be precise and I told her that I am from Germany but will soon be going to Galway, Ireland. Bad luck that we didn't exchange names, because I would definitely be interested to keep up the contact. She also told me that she talks a bit German and in the end she understood the chant of Powerwolf. Afterward I have to admit that I was a bit slow to ask for her email adress, when she left to search for her husband who had been watching carcass.
    Maybe my search is successful although I know my luck. ;)
    I that girl reads my post here it would be great if she'd send me a pm...

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