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    (already my appologies if this posted in the wrong subforum)

    Vampire Magazine is a (web)zine that started back in 1997 as a xeroxed fanzine. After 2 issues we became a webzine in 1999. Now, 10 years and more than 13500 articles later we are a little bit short on staffmembers.

    If you are interested in writing articles, please contact me for more information.

    We are especially searching for people with knowledge of at least one of the following styles:
    - Power/heavy metal
    - Brutal (US) Death metal
    - Gothic metal
    - Modern metal
    - Metalcore

    But if you are into other styles, don't hesitate to contact as well....
    You can contact me for more info by:
    - Sending a Private Message through this messageboard
    - VM Contactform
    - Email (scroll down, on the left you will find contact information.


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