Searching for festivalfriends :)

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    27. März 2012
    Hi, I'm a guy from Sweden who love the festival life and travels alone to Wacken.

    I hope there are some funny Germans that I may stay in tented camp and party with, I'm a very social happy guy who makes many people laugh so I think you will like me.
    But I speak only English and Swedish of course.

    I also look for people who are traveling to Metal Camp in Slovenia
    The festival begins the week after Wacken, would be great to make contact with some Germans or other people who are going there too. I have not yet fixed the trip and would do well with tips on such the nearest airport from Wacken, although what the website I want to visit for trains and buses if necessary.

    Appreciated even ride to the airport and of course I help with gas money to offer.

    Best Regards

    Artin Ghookassi - Sweden
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    21. Juli 2002
    Hey mate welcome and greetings *chugsbeer*

    I wont be heading to wacken, but Ill be at metalcamp for sure :D

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