searching for adam from scotland (ground B)

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    hi, i am looking for adam and his mates. they were all from england, except adam he was the brave scottsman;-). things that might help to find you:

    you shaved onto your breast a cross (i got that on tape). we went together to kreator show. you and a mate helped me in a specific situation, to film that. you told me, that you proberly would go to bloodstock.

    about me, i am the guy who had the 2 malaysian hobbits with me.

    if you, or someone who knows adam, should recognize adam please get in touch with me.

    oh by the way...... adam has black short hair, a black beard, is approx. 1.75 high, he was wearing during the whole festival a i think black/white scarf.

    Klick here for a picture of adam

    thx for your help in advance, stay heavy

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