Search for a Cab ride from Hamburg to Wacken ?

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    Hi to all,
    i am a metal fan living in hamburg and i work as a cab driver.
    i would like to offer you a transfer from hamburg to wacken open air from monday 28. to wednesday 30. if you `re interessted in booking my please contact me with your name, where i should pick you and your friends up und also with a phone number. i can max. take four passengers, better are three because of your luggage.

    i think i can do six rides in this three days. one in den morning and anohter one in the afternoon or evening. because of traffic jam it can happen that we need 4 hours to arrive. this cab ride cost 120 euros, we can listen to your favourite music.

    so please contact me if you need a transfer to w.o.a.

    grettings christian

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