Save the Metalshock Festival 2011

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    Save the Metalshock Festival 2011

    "End of August we decided giving an public view on Metalshock 2011 and to talk about the current situation more offensive as ever done before. Maybe an unexpected and unconventional way getting the pants off. But to whitewash the facts means to ignore the clear voice of reality. Ticket sales are running really bad, it seems like never had started. Seems to be prematurely maybe, but we're knowing well that Metalshock is only one of many events happening in the scene. Experiences have shown us better not to depend solely on box office or trust in last-minute sales. So we decided getting YOU on board early and to start the "Save Metalshock" campaign now. Sounds drastically of course, but it's also putting the festival more on focus!

    If we shouldn't be able to sell 150 tickets till 15 October, the cancellation of Metalshock 2011 is following!!

    But we'll fight for the last believing that Metalshock is one of the better independent indoor festival in Germany. Our performance is outstanding, the bands on the bill really awesome.
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