Running Order Update, Running Order Tool & band announcements!

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    Since you were waiting patiently, we will no longer hold it back from you: Here we have the current running order with all show times and stages for you!

    And there is a lot more to come: We also have the well-tried Running Order Tool for you. With this tool you can make your own personalized...

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    27. Oktober 2013
    Thank you for posting this. I can now finally finish making plans of when I will arrive.

    The running order is well done. Im happy that there are so few conflicts considering the number of bands I want to see. I do have a couple of conflicts though:

    Carcass / Hell

    It would be perfect if you moved Hell to right before Masterplan at 21:00 on Thursday.(Does Russkaja really need 2 performances anyway?) Other good options would be anytime between 13:00 and 15:00 Saturday.

    In Mute

    It would be nice if In Mute had a later slot on Thursday(like the 19:05 slot which is currently showing TBA). I may not be able to arrive at Wacken before then.

    Im afraid to ask for anything more than that. I don't want to cause any additional conflicts by rearranging more than what I noted above!


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