Running Order - Genreclashs

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Lao Tse

21 Juni 2010
Yes, I totally agree and both of you are right. Genreclashs suck and there are too much threads about Genreclashs. :D;)

Anyway, I still think it would be a great idea too let play Candlemass 1/2 hour later, because many doom fans want to see Lake of Tears AND Candlemass.

Prinzessin Amok

W:O:A Metalhead
11 Aug. 2009

After that fucked up shit they delivered on this year's Keep It True Festival, i.e. cancelling the show / not flying because they feared they wouldn't get their flight home on Sunday and then not being able to work on Monday due to the icelandic ash cloud back then, they can stay where they are. Poor Rob Lowe, he was there, but his bandmates left him in alone. Suckers!:mad:

Didn't know you could speak English that well. :) Woooow, another good thing about you. Maybe I really love you. :D

@topic: Mhmmm, I don't know if they are going to change anything about the running order. It's final I think and although they say that this list is "still a subject to change", there will be no more changes at all. At least concerning these "genre clashes".

But that's just my humble opinion. ;)
I had back in my mind that there was the possibility to change the RO after complainingXD It's just again that some musically very close bands play at the same time and since there's such a variety of styles, I don't think this is absolutely and necessarily unavoidable.