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    Those of you who have me on FB already know. This is for everyone else.

    This is half me passing along valuable information to you people, and half me taking revenge for some of the worst customer service I've ever had by telling as many people as possible. Heck, feel free to tell your friends.

    I ordered a few shirts from them sometime back last summer/fall. Most came in. One didn't. Still hasn't. They said it'd been backordered, so I patiently waited. And waited. And then waited some more. Then today I gave up and called them about it. And the best they could offer was a refund on the one shirt (or another shirt). Tried to ask for more to compensate for some 6+ months of waiting on a shirt, but nope. Generally that's considered horrible customer service and companies should, in theory, want to be able to fix that so the customer will be satisfied and thus use your company again. But no. They didn't appear to have the slightest amount of flexibility in their company policies. Nor do they tell you on the product page what's in stock and what isn't - they expect you to call them and ask. Completely ridiculous.

    They didn't even apologize. They basically said "this is how we do it, deal with it". DO NOT order from them or you risk the same thing happening.

    (Nice to have ten zillion posts on here to add credibility to my complaints. For a company who sells metal shirts and merch, you'd think the last person you'd want to piss off is someone well known on the Wacken forum. :D)

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