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    Retrospect (Thaiband)
    Formation Date : November 06, 2000
    Record Label : genie records / GMM GRAMMY
    Label Type : Major Label
    Band Members : Nappa , Not , Bom , Birth
    Sounds Like : Rock / Metal Core
    City : Bangkok
    Country : Thailand

    New Album In Stores now July 29th 2008.

    " Retrospect " is a Thai band who formed up in the middle of year 2001, and presented themselves in the style of Industrial Metal. By the middle of year 2003 they have released their first E.P., and at the beginning of year 2004 the official work contract with genie records (GMM Grammy Public Company Limited) has been signed.

    Retrospect presented their songs under the concept of " Heavy Metal with Sweet Melody like those in Emo Rock ". The lyrics of their songs brought such great influence to their audiences’ feeling. At the very beginning their songs has been introduced in the form of Hard Core, and Death but experiences and the passing time has tuned up their ideas to another wider angle in the style of their own music which turned them into what has been called “ Retrospect Style ” until now.

    In the latest album named " Rise" a lot of things has been highlighted which is very much more fruitful and complexity in the area of music and sound than the first album, their return this time filled up with plenty of music experiences gathering from their reckless tour of concert through the whole year of 2007, and brought them in, to blend with their own style of music while maintaining the uniqueness of what is known as Retrospect.

    They created many brand new ideas of making music in which they have never done before such as the using of synthesizer or application of the live back up orchestra band in order to make the completion for each every songs in their new album that filled up with skill, and fruitful tricks. This included the participation of quality artists such as Vtreo band, Yod Bodyslam, and our special lady ... attached to the band, as well as the quality working team, Kob Big Ass, Po Mango Team to be of great assistance in writing the lyrics of some songs in this album, and etc.
    their latest album will present the more and more solid and beautiful music tricks than the first album that will definitely make your heart melt for sure.

    One of the most important keys to their success is the Fan Club called " Retrorians ", who always provide the non-stop superb support and great dedication to their beloved band at all times.

    Release Info Current
    Retrospect : E.P For Your Ears Only (2003)
    Retrospect : Showroom Single " MAI-MEE-THUR" (2004)
    Retrospect : Unleashed (April 2007)
    Retrospect : Rise (July 2008)
    (check for availability now !!!)

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    see ya! :

    Join in Concert W:O:A 2009 /// Party Stage Friday, 31.7.2009 /// thx.


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    Auf deren Myspace Seite steht ja schon ewig, dass sie kommen, aber es steht nicht auf der Wacken Seite x_X
    Das verwirrt mich~

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