Remark about different sized W:O:A/Paulaner plastic cups

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  1. Mikeee

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    05. August 2003
    Hey people.
    First I'd like to thank the WOA team for an *excellent* festival! It was truly awesome.

    One thing that was pretty annoying to me is this:
    Way in the back there was a big white tent that sold beer/juices/mixed-drinks and stuff and this tent had nothing written on it. It was to the right of the Paulaner Biergarten and Polizei eintritt. (Between Paulaner and some Merchandising)
    Inside I remember there was a low bar with older people behind the bar and a large white refrigerator.

    The problem:
    I went there the first official night (30.7?) to get a beer.
    I give my tall WOA cup and in turn receive a lower Paulaner cup with beer.
    I think "well I guess that's OK"...they had large piles of BOTH sizes of cups and they were using them BOTH at the same time.

    Imagine my disgust when we go into the festival area and try to order another beer at the Halleroeder (or whatever it's called) stands with my Paulaner cup!
    They told me I couldn't!
    I was f**king MAD! How was I supposed to know they wouldn't take the Paulaner cup if some no-name-tent bar-guy in his 50's gave it to me in good faith?????

    Next time I think it would be a good idea if the W:O:A organisation would tell ALL beer stands to accept ALL cups or just use 1 size which is acceptable to all.
    Because it SUX to have to carry around useless Pfand.

    By the way: These halleroeder people seemed pretty un-proffessional and SLOOOOW!
  2. Wacken-Holger

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    24. November 2001
    sorry for this - but there as two differents barkeepers

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