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    07. Januar 2013
    Ill make this Quick, and wish to get a clear awnser. I've been all around the forum and do not seem to get a fixed awnser.

    i've purchased 3 tickets. for me and 2 friends. happily i've got the news im becoming a parent and can't attend to wacken since my kid will be born around july. so i wish to stay home.

    Since my friends are someone i know locally/in real life im NOT using Ebay or any other websites.

    regarding the personalization. I've sold my 1. ticket legally on wacken. What about my 2 friends?

    are their Tickets still legal?
    Can my friends not just type their names in the name box and attend?
    Do i have to attend to let my friends get past?

    they paid me the same amount of money for the tickets as i purchased them for, and wacken knows nothing of this trade.- they payed in cash.
    - Should i contact Wacken?

    Please help a friend out :)
  2. MetallKopp

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    09. August 2003

    your friends should just fill in their names on their original tickets and everything should be fine. If you wish to make everything 100% secure then you can give them your original receipt for the tickets to show if there are any questions, but I don't think that will be necessary.

    In fact this is a "soft" personalization, which should not be taken too seriously. So far, the organiser does not intend to have any controls regarding any names at the festival.

    So let them just fill in their names correctly and let them enjoy Wacken 2013.

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