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21 Sep. 2008
sorry if its been asked ive used search when i found it but couldnt find what i was looking for
2009 will be my first ever wacken and i have just ordered tickets my question is how long with they take to be dispatched with them coming over the UK
my friend says 2 weks after ordering but as he is in holland i thought he might get them quicker
i do hope its not like the ticketmaster fiasco with download tickets arriving 1 day b4 im due to leave
thanks in advance and again apologies if its been asked and i havent spotted it
i did check the FAQ on metaltix but my german isnt too great at this time


W:O:A Metalhead
12 März 2008
Hier! Im Wohnzimmer!!
on the mainside you can read following text:"Dear Metalheads,

the run for tickets continues - thanx for your fantastic support!!!

The dispatch for the normal 3-Day-All-In tickets now runs at full speed and we make all efforts to send out ordered tickets as quickly as possible.
We reckon that this will take approx. up to 4 weeks.

We therefore ask for your understanding for longer waiting times.

Many thanx in advance.

W:OA Team "

I think this includes you hometown as well. So guess four week is the max.;) I don´t think that just forwarding of the Tickets will take more than one week to get to the uk but the editing... Yes, max is 4 weeks.