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    Hi Holger!

    1. It looks like you guys are gonna add some more power metal bands to the list, are any of the following in negotiation to play?

    Symphony X
    Double Dealer
    Luca Turilli
    Ivory Tower

    2. Are Dream Theatre ans Savatage still gonna play, and what about Manilla Road and Raven?

    3. What other power metal bands are likely to play?

    4. Are we also likely yo see any more bands confirmed for the black stage soon?

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions,

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    SyX , Elegy,Kamelot would be great!!!! =8o) YEAAAAH!!!

    But it seemed that they will not play at WOA 01(some answer of Holger long ago) =8o( BOOOOHHHH!!!

    But know we must hope and "pray" for Sava + DT!!!!

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    Dream Theater & Savatage in Negotiation. Not more dark bands but COB (i hope that they play!!) and Overkill - Rest more powermetal headliner!!!
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    Was COB kommen wirklich geil Overkill auch !!!!
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    COB is not confirmed.....

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