Phone Charging at Wacken with MANA

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30 Juli 2022
Hello everybody, I am François From the company Global Charger based in Paris.
Since 2015, we are dedicated to provide mass charging solutions. We are already present in 80 festivals in Europe.

We will be present for the first time at Wacken so we wanted to share some important info :

You can charge your phone with the powerbank that we sell and rent.

You can buy a limited edition MANA powerbank. There are three sizes :
MANA : 4000mAh for 25€ (1-2 phone charges)
BIG MANA : 10 000mAh for 40€ (3-4 phone charges)
MEGA MANA : 20 000mAh for 65€ (6 phone charges)

You can also rent recycled MANA powerbanks :
MANA : 2€ + 20€ deposit (that is refunded when you return the MANA)
BIG MANA : 4€ + 40€ deposit (that is refunded when you return the MANA)

When you have a MANA, you can charge it at home and swap it in any of our other festivals. It will be also swapped if it is broken.

We will be located in Camping Plaza and next to the Louder Stage (we will share a map when we get there and we know exactly where).

You can pre-book a MANA on our website :

If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach us on whatsapp : +33760180154.

See you soon in Wacken !!

François From Global Charger
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W:O:A Metalhead
23 Juni 2022
Apparently they are able to refund the deposit for the cups as well when you buy a drink with the cashless payment. So they should be able to as far as the tech goes. From all I have been reading it really sounds like they don't want any cash money on the festival grounds.