park- bzw.campingplatzsituation?

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    hi leutz,
    wir werden heute nacht, ich schätze mal zwischen 0-3 uhr ankommen. wie is die situation, wo is noch frei, komm ich jederzeit rein? wäre sehr dankbar für ne antwort bis ca 5 uhr. wenn nicht, auch nicht schlimm, bin ja ein großer bub! :)
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    Hey people!!! I want all of you to help me!!!

    I`m looking for somebody named Mathias, coming from SWEDEN,
    (I don`t know the town, he`s living in, but it`s about 100 km near STOCKHOLM)
    We first met, when Nightwish was playing.
    Mathias had been there together with some friends (Lina...Janosh...)
    He´s 21 years old, about 1,8 m , with long blond hair and a beard.
    I also know, that he`s going to study philosophy.
    So it`s very difficult to me finding him and I`m very proud of you and I`d be
    pleased if theres someone, who can give me maybe his town, his adress or something
    else that brings me a step nearer to him.
    Thanx so much...Susi!!!

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