Overlapings at Running Order

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    Hi there!

    I know, that it is impossible to recognize every special wish of a single fan but why are there overlapings of real Cult-Bands? I mean, if a smaller Band plays at the same time like for example Sodom, then it´s okay. But the true German Forces like, Grave Digger, Tankard, Helloween, Desaster, The apocalyptischen Reiter they all overklap. Also I like all kinds of Metal. So I want to see Motörhead but also, I´m very intersted on the "Reiters", as you call it. Isn´t it possible, that all the Cult-Bands play at different times?
    Thank you so far....

    Bring the Metal to the Metals...Wacken rules!!!
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    Yeah - W.O.A. rule !
    Come and bring GOREFEST from the netherlands, asswipe !
    Chapter 13 rules ! Meeh, Hmmh

    The chase is better than....
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    what is cult and what is not Cult - the festival is Cult - all metalheadz are Cult.....
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    Yeah, you´re right. Anyway, would be cool if you change it...

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