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    27. September 2017
    this year i am going to wacken with 'on tours travel company' (from bruseles). Is anybody in this forum going this year with them like me or someone has traveled with them before?
    i have some doubts because is my first time using this kind of services, and the bus depart at 11pm from bruseles, of course i have fear to lost the bus or not find where the bus depart...

    thank you for your response
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    19. Juli 2004
    I suppose you mean Brussels (Belgium), in French written as Bruxelles (and in Dutch as Brussel)?
    It's not hard to find. (after viewing the website www.ontours.fr)
    Following info is on their site.

    Départ le/Departure 28/07/2020 à/at 23h00
    Retour le/Return 02/08/2020 à/at 12-14h
    Lieu de départ/Departure place : 44 Boulevard Pachéco, vers gare des congrès 1000
    44, Boulevard Pachéo-laan, 1000 Brussels, at the exit of the Brussel Congres / Bruxelles Congrès station. It has only ONE exit, can't go wrong there.
    And only a train ONCE an hour, from Brussels Midi/Central towards Brussels North (and Antwerpen Centraal (Antwerp Central) station), on the S1.
    Also possible to take the METRO from Brussels Midi/South (Gare de Midi/Zuidstation) towards Elisabeth, and get off at Kruidtuin/Botanique. And from there walk to the station.
    Google Maps is kind enough to show the way.
    About the bus ride itself, can't tell anything. I always went by train. Much more confortable for me.

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