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    NORTHERN DARKNESS Fanzine & Distro

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    BURNING ABYSS #8. 68 A4 Pages, B&W, English written from Poland. Interviews with Necros Christos, Medico Peste, Massacra, Steve 'Zetro' Sousa, Immolation, Watain, Domains, Desolate Shrine, Sartegos, & Ethelyn. Plus, reviews and some cool features. (This is Second Hand)

    NORTHERN DARKNESS #8. English Written, 40 A4 Pages, B&W. Featuring: Avenger, Denigrata, Cruciamentum, Under the Church, Trollkraftt, Angmaer, Gorgantuan, & a live report on Satanic Warmaster, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult & Pale Mist.

    NORTHERN DARKNESS – Purchase A 4 Issue Subscription.

    PERVERSE GOSPEL #6. Released 2016. 58 A4 Pages, B&W, English written from Finland. Interviews with Pertti Kurikan Nimipaivat, Mitochondrion, Desolate Shrine, Obliteration, Profetus, Lord of Pagathorn, W.A.I.L, Mournful Congregation, Cultes Des Ghoules, Cadaveric Fumes, Solothus, & Ataraxie, plus reviews and live reviews, including Roadburn! (This is Second Hand)

    REIGN OF HECATE #1. 66 A4 Pages, B&W, English written from Peru. Interviews with Abismo Negro, Catacumba, Acrostichon, Goat Skull, Winds of Genocide, Profaner, Unholy Archangel, Funerus, Ares Kingdom, Crucifier, Pagan Rites, Inri, & Rito Profanatorio (This is Second Hand)


    IRON FIST #11. Featuring Judas Priest, Overkill, Manilla Road, Exciter, Venom, Voivod, Entombed A.D, Dead Congregation, Nunslaughter, Orange Goblin... (This is Second Hand)

    IRON FIST #13. Featuring Exodus, At The Gates, Morbid Angel, Iron Maiden, Bathory, Mortuary Drape, Rock Goddess, Death Penalty, Primordial, Bloodbath, Sepultura, Mysticum, Riot... (This is Second Hand)

    IRON FIST #14. Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake, Anathema, Thor, Europe, Girlschool, Tygers of Pan Tang, Saturnalia Temple, Enforcer, Blind Guardian, Sextrash, Marduk, Napalm Death, Ranger, Argus, Aktor... (This is Second Hand)

    IRON FIST #15. Venom, Tribulation, Satan, Pentagram, Helloween, Paradise Lost, Ghost, Annihilator, My Dying Bride, Bang, Goatsnake, Armoured Saint... (This is Second Hand)

    IRON FIST #16. The Retro Rock Special, plus... WASP, Iron Maiden, Saxon, Root, Acid, Overkill, Black Trip, My Dying Bride, Graveyard, Dead Lord, Grave Pleasures, Satan's Satyr's, Autopsy and much more... (This is Second Hand)


    ARCANE NORTH / TORVER – ‘From Moonrise to Moonset’ Split. (North East UK / Cumbria UK Black Metal)
    BATTLESTORM – ‘Tempest of the Orient’ Demo. (Singapore Black/Death Metal)
    BOKLUK – ‘Intra – Vital Derangement’. (Spanish Death Metal)
    DGORATH / DARK RITUAL – ‘Odyssey of the Twelve Talisman’ Split. (UK Black/Death/Grind / UK Black Metal)
    DOPAMINE – ‘Dopamine’ EP. (Chinese Black Metal/Depressive Rock)
    FETID ZOMBIE – ‘Grotesque Creation’. Tape & Patch. (US Death Metal)
    GROTESQUE DEITY – ‘Bloodream’. (Mexican Death Metal)
    MOLOCH – ‘Somewhere on the Forgotten Paths’ Compilation. (Ukrainian Atmospheric Black Metal)
    MOLOCH / VOIDSTAR – ‘Split’. (Ukrainian Atmospheric Black Metal)
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