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  1. jaytolkte

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    22. April 2018
    I'm finally in a position where I can hop over the pond and get to Wacken '09. However, I am useless with buying things, such as tickets, online and I'm trying to work out my budget. My basic, probably annoying question to you seasoned pros is this: How much do Wacken tickets actually cost?
  2. agresionpower

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    22. Juni 2005
    This is such a noob question that I'm not sure wether you're a troll or not.
    But anyway, there's only one official place where you can buy the tickets, you can also find the price there:

    And the rest here:

    You do know that '09 is 9 years ago do you?
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  3. Quark

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    19. Juli 2004
    And to ensure that this eventually or not spambot is changing his/her post after a few days, and... since this question has been answered, this thread is LOCKED!

    (thus preventing it from any form of editing)

    Edit Piaf zegt: Research helps.
    I found a thread from 2008 with EXACTLY the same words, description, etc. ONE difference. The location of the IP.
    It can be found here:

    Therefore, I consider this to be a spambot, and the user will be deleted. (however, this thread will stay)

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