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    Hi Wacken Fans,

    Hopefully this will make for some interesting news to you if you are a fan of MySpace.com or other such websites.

    Metallerz.com is the worlds first social networking website dedicated to the world of Heavy Metal.

    The website has been in development for almost a year and has now finally
    launched to the public so we can complete any last minute debugging of
    the site.

    Be one of the first to sign up today to what will hopefully become the next big thing, the first real Online Metal Community.

    Metallerz.com allows you to:

    Do everything you can do on MySpace.com but on Metallerz.com instead.
    Upload Photos and Music to your personal Profile as well as add Video links.
    Write Blogs and post Bulletins.
    Create your own Groups and start your own Forum with Gallery.
    Customise your page as you wish using HTML or MySpace Layouts.
    Meet like minded people.
    No spam like MySpace.
    No annoying Friend Requests from Bands.
    Only REAL Metal Fans.
    Monthly Competitions.
    Great Prizes.

    This month you can win 2 Tickets to W:O:A 2008 by signing up.


    & lots, lots more...

    So please check out www.metallerz.com and help spread the word.

    A metal site for metal fans BY metal fans.

    Any feedback positive or negative is appreciated.

    Thank you.

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