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    OUT NOW:

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    Minotauri "Black (Magic Triangle)" / Reverend Bizarre "Apocalyptic Riders" Split 7" EP

    Format: 7" vinyl
    Color: black
    Number: 500 handnumbered copies
    Playing time: approx. 13 minutes
    Style: oldschool True Doom
    For Fans from: Black Sababth, Witchfinder General, Pagan Altar, Arc, St. Vitus, Orodruin, Warning, Solstice, etc

    The Minotauri/Reverend Bizarre Split 7" is our highest quality single so far!!! Super b/w artwork, heavy vinyl (70g), paper innerbag, two copied inserts, nearly 13 minutes playing time... and of course, 2 brilliant oldschool doom anthems forged by two of the best doom metal merchants of all fuckin' time!!! Due to the higher quality standart, the prices are a bit more expensive this time, but we still try our very best to keep 'em as low as possible... unfortunatly especially the foreign people will have to pay alot, cause the German post is so fuckin' expensive... prices incl. P&P are 6,50 Euro (Germany), 9 Euro (Europe) and 13 Euro (World). So I would suggest everybody who's interested in getting a copy, to ask all his friends first, if they wanna get a copy, too... cause then you can not only share the P&P costs, but we can probably also offer you a bit cheaper wholesale prices...

    MP3 clips availible at

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    Axewielder "Heavy Metal Law" Picture 10" MLP

    Format: 10" vinyl
    Color: picture
    Number: 300 handnumbered copies
    Playing time: approx. 18 minutes
    Style: NWOBHM/Thrash
    For Fans from: Motörhead, Venom, Tank, Warfare, Bulldözer, Tyrant (GER), Sabbat (JPN), etc

    The Axewielder 10" is definitly one of the best looking Picture discs we've ever seen!!! It's so fuckin' oldschool and the print is perfect (even the Battleaxe-, Sweet Savage- and Tokyo Blade logos on the bandmembers t-shirts can be read without problems!)... the sound is absolutely killer and the copied insert with lyrics, photos and info looks pretty nice, too! All 5 songs (incl. a Tank coverversion) are only availible on this release, which is strictly limited to 300 handnumbered copies. The price is 10 Euro + P&P (sorry, but we don't know the prices for 10" to foreign countries... we'll check this soon).

    MP3 clips availible at

    Since we are totally broke at the moment and need to get some money as soon as possible to finance the Gorgon/Wytchkraft Split 7", we unfortunatly can't accept any trades at the moment... sorry...

    Anyway... anybody interested in getting these releases (if you'd like to order more copies, ask for wholesale prices!!!), please send an email to!!! Please check for more info!!!

    See you & Up the Gorgons!!!

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