New Evergrey album !!!

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    Monday, 17th September Evergrey releases their new album "In Search of Truth" on InsideOut Music.


    Europe (17th September), France - 2nd October.
    USA (18th September)
    Japan (November)

    The new album is produced by famous Andy LaRouqe of King Diamond
    and was recorded in Los Angered Recordings earlier this year. The production is perfect and the sound is heavier than ever before.

    The album contains the following songs:

    1. The Masterplan
    2. Rulers of the Mind
    3. Watching the Skies
    4. State of Paralysis
    5. The Encounter
    6. Mark of the Triangle
    7. Dark Waters
    8. Different Worlds
    9. Mislead

    The songs are even greater this time and on Monday (17th September), you will probably understand me if I claim that this is the best album ever made.

    /Kristian Forsell, "Brave New Words Magazine"
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    The first time I`m looking forward to a MONDAY... *s*
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    @ MrsX

    Hey! A lot of great albums are released on mondays :) !!!
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    Got the album already, brilliant stuff. Evergrey really needs to play @ WOA next year.

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