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    Quintessence of Versatility was founded in 2008 and stabilized its line-up in late 2009.
    On furious, chaotic and dark rythms, Quintessence of Versatility delivers an heavy and complex metal music with personality and convoluted structures. Already hailed by many webzines and acclaimed on stage in France, Quintessence of Versatility imposes its vision of Deathcore music to the world with its first EP released in Septembre 2009 follow by its second demo and promotional clip released in August 2010.
    Spearheading of their « Post deathcore », Quintessence of Versatility adresses issues with references to human complexity facing a dying world and a society full of depravation.

    "Quintessence of Versatility brings its vision of Deathcore to the world, a furious, racy and chaotic music that may challenge conventional wisdom." - VS Webzine
    "It would not be surprising that they become a pride of the Hexagon." - Pavillon 666
    "QoV gets a personal and rather unusual vision of Deathcore, fans of sophisticated and thoughtful brutality may be lulled by this EP." - HeavySound
    "This Leitmotiv of placing themselves beyond the Deathcore is clearly paying off, QoV guys seem to have a promising future" - MetalShip
    "The Revolution is on its way ! " - Metal Sickness

    Contact Informations
    Contact : contact@qov-official.com
    Management : management@qov-official.com
    MySpace : www.myspace.com/quintessenceofversatility
    Official Website : http://www.qov-official.com/


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