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    22. Januar 2002
    anybody know anything about the latest addition of bands? never heard of any of 'em? 'cept Iron Saviour

    what a bummer that Halford isn't coming we almost had Halford/UDO/Dickinson at one fest. whose gonna be the new opening night headliner

    i'm holding out for Witchery and Entombed.....please and thank you.

    ..hey what about Razor? there are no canadians this year damnit! i just saw them open for motorhead and they ruled. the new singer did a really good job on older stuff. the did Evil Invaders and Instant Death!

    Voivod also ruled...of course!!!.....Snake is back! he had a great time and so did the crowds. they played a small warm up gig to the motorhead show with only about 75 diehards in a small space above a record store....very cool "BE WILD WARRIORS OF ICE"

    RAZOR and VOIVOD at WOA2002 c'mon it can't be too late

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