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    Less than a week before Sepultura's first ever concert in Bulgaria, long-time guitarist Andreas Kisser revealed his expectations from the show, the situation within the band after the departure of Igor Cavalera, the old glory, the new hopes and the next full-length studio album...

    Vassil Varbanov: Hey, Andreas, where are you at the moment?

    Andreas Kisser: Right now we are in Spain. The weather is great, it's very sunny and hot.

    V. V.: The reason to put you live on the radio is your first ever concert in Bulgaria, due to happen next Wednesday, August 15. Does is ring a bell in your head when you hear me pronouncing the name Bulgaria?

    A. K.: It's great, I mean finally we have the chance to go to Bulgaria after such a long time! You know, Sepultura has a 23-year-long career, and this is the only place in Europe we've never played before. Hopefully we'll do a great show there. We're very excited.

    V. V.: How has the tour been so far?

    A. K.: Great! This is the third time we're in Europe for the "Dante XXI" album and the reactions have been amazing. We also have a new drummer - Jean Dolabella - who's been together with us for a year now. He's doing a great job, and we're already planning a new album for next year. Now we're at the end of the touring for our current CD and everything's been great so far.

    V. V.: Mentioning "Dante XXI", this is the fifth album you recorded with Derrick Green on vocals, and it's definitely the best one. How come?

    A. K.: You know, it only takes time to reach a certain level. I think "Chaos AD" and "Roots" are the best albums we did with Max, so back then it took time, too - I joined Sepultura in 1987, and we did "Roots" in 1995-96. As for Derrick, he joined us in 1997 or 1998, and we're doing "Dante XXI" now. It takes time to know each other, to play in a lot of different situations, on different stages and tours, to work in various studios with various producers... Now we're starting another new chapter with Jean, so... I mean, it's something very natural.

    V. V.: This sounds a bit like the situation in a football team, where you can have superb players, but it takes time for them to match together well.

    A. K.: Of course. Let's take the Brazilian national team on the last World Cup - we had the best players since Pele, but I think we didn't have team. All the training and stuff were done in a wrong way. You need some time and self respect to build a real team. It's the same thing within a band - you need to have a team spirit to work together.

    V. V.: Now it seems that everything in the Sepultura camp is going fine, but I can't escape asking you about Max and Igor who left the band. Do you feel better today, without any Cavaleras around?

    A. K.: Well, everything is alright. They made their choice, and I'm glad that right now we're having everybody in the band that we want to be here. The four of us are putting a 100% of effort and energy and enjoy what we're doing, which is the most important thing. Lately Igor was not really enjoying being on the road and on tour, he wanted to be in Brazil and wasn't playing the best way he could... Anyway, now everything's fine, and we're very excited to write new material and look forward to the future. It's a new challenge, and the whole Sepultura story was built on challenges.

    V. V.: Having in mind that you joined the band 3 years after it's been formed, does it mean that Paulo Pinto - the only original member left - is the boss now?

    A. K.: No, ha-ha-ha! We all have our opinions and try to work as a group. It's a very open and free environment in Sepultura, with no dictators. As for Paulo, he's there since the beginning and knows every little thing that happens. It's a baggage only he carries...

    V. V.: Let's talk about your new drummer, too. Jean Dolabella used to play in a Brazilian band, Udora, that's from your hometown, Belo Horizonte. Did you know him since your early days?

    A. K.: Not really. I know Jean for some years now. Udora moved to the USA to try to get a contract some 5-6 years ago - like we did back then, although they're not metal, but more of some sort of a pop-rock style - and then Jean left them at the same time when we needed a drummer, so the timing was perfect. We didn't force anything, it just happened. Now Udora are going on with a new drummer, and so do we. I actually met Jean only once at a Sepultura gig in Los Angeles.

    V. V.: Last question. Your name, Andreas Kisser, shows you've got some German roots. The Cavaleras, on the other hand, were half-Italian. Did you guys fight each other when you watched football games between Italy and Germany?

    A. K.: Yes! Ha-ha-ha, of course! Italy won the last one...

    V. V.: Can we say there's no animosity between you and the Cavaleras or there's still some sourness inside your heart?

    A. K.: No, we're just doing different stuff. I respect everyone's decision to try something else. You see, we just don't talk too much anymore - I haven't met Max for 11 years now... but there are no hard feelings at all.

    V. V.: Finally, when should we expect Sepultura's new album?

    A. K.: We'll go back to Brazil in the end of August and start writing songs immediately. Depending on how fast we work, we'll start recording the album by the end of the year or in early 2008, so hopefully we'll have the CD out by April or May next year.

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