"Neuer" Sänger bei Mayhem

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    ja richtig gelesen, Mayhem haben nen neuen/alten Sänger...

    Maniac is raus und Attila is zurück, grade auf der offiziellen HP gelesen, na da bin ich ma gespannt ob der immernoch so singt wie 93 *g*

    "It is OFFICIAL, Maniac has parted ways with Mayhem. Effective immediately, Attila Csihar is once again the frontman for Mayhem. Here is the official statement direct from the band:

    Maniac is out of the band and back in comes Attila Csihar. He will from now
    on take Maniacs role as a front figure with immediate effect.
    All though the rumors have been flourishing over the past months, nothing
    was decided until now.
    The reason for this change lies in a more private matters, but it also deals
    with Maniacs inability to tour.
    "Maniac was, and will always be a part of our legacy, and it has been an
    honor to work with him for the last 10 years. Respect!"
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    nachlesen junge!

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