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  1. ThomasC

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    08. Januar 2012
    Hello metalfriends!

    I need 2 (3 if possible!) tickets to the festival. If some of you have tickets available, please send me a PM, or mail me directly:

    Thank you in advance!
  2. Nesalia

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    01. Dezember 2011

    Dear Metalheads,

    herewith we want to provide the opportunity to offer Wacken Open Air tickets for purchase and sale remote from Ebay, Seatwave, Viagogo etc. to you.

    As there again and again appeared tickets resold at raised prices in the past we offer you the following service with our ticket exchange:

    >> We exclusively operate discretionary! <<

    That means,

    1) Purchase/ sale is executed without our intervention (we only supervise the price of sale, which should not beat the original ticket price!!!)
    2) After agreement the seller sends the tickets to us and we prove the originality of the tickets. 3) By the time the check is finished on our part the buyer is informed that the transaction of the money is ready to carried out plus postal charges (2 x 4,40)
    4) After receipt of payment we are informed by the seller and forward the ticket (s) to the buyer via registered letter with reply advice.

    Advantages of the model:
    - No rip-off concerning the ticket price
    - guarantee of original tickets

    Please follow the instructions you can read above. Please transfer the money AFTER the tickets were checked at Metaltix (as described above)!

    For checking the tickets go to:
    Hauptstr. 47
    D-24869 Dörpstedt

    Tel: +49 (0) 4627 - 18 38 0
    Fax: +49 (0) 4627 - 18 38 80

    So now, good luck with purchasing/ selling.

    Please close your threads after successful transaction!

    We appreciate further suggestions.

    W:O:A Team

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