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    I totally agree with Lee on Naglfar! My friend traveled over 1000 km just to see Naglfar at this years festival, and he missed them because there was no information about that Naglfar had a new time and stage.
    I had the luck to see Naglfar just because I went to see Arch Enemy. It was quite a chock for me to see that Naglfar enters the stage. I cannot understand why you would move their schedule.
    I saw that Arch Enemy cancelled their performance the 2nd august. That means that all of us swedish people who went down couldn´t even had known that Arch Enemy had cancelled (because we left by bus on 2nd augusts morning), and we couldn´t by any chance have known that Naglfar had been re-scheduled. So that was a total miss I think.

    Anyway, enough complaining. Wonderful festival. Everything was perfect. My first big festival and it was great!
    Best of the bands were Dark Tranquillity, Nevermore, Therion, Naglfar and Haunted.
    And I hadn´t heard Sonata Arctica before but they really impressed me even though I only heard 2 songs, great liveband!

    / Shadow Of Beauty
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    I agree , too.
    I missed most of their session because I didn´t know where they play.
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    I missed Naglfar too, because of that. Damn shame..

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