Mushroomhead for Wacken 2008

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    09. September 2006
    hell yeah they would love to perform at Wacken next year, the last time them guys were over in Europe was in 2001, if they did play Wacken it will be their 1st time over in 7 years. I not sure if they have ever played in Germany before, never seen them before, but got when they last came over in 2001 they put up a great tour and sold out some great festival stages (when I say sold out I mean more people went to watch them then expected, and made the main stage look rather empty)

    they are doing an old school show at the end of the month where Jmann will be comming back for song, Roxy (female dancer) will be there etc etc. I wish I could see it, I feel that Water Drums being played when the Wacken Bull is on fire would look good.

    So a few good reasons why to add them.
  2. LEECH666

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    15. Januar 2004
    Yeah why not.

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