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    Folks from Utrecht (Mono Inc. & Metal Karaoke)

    During the Mono Inc. gig on Thursday I met some nice folks from Utrecht.

    At first I was talking to a lovely red haired girl (she wore jeans and a grey or pale shirt). I told her that I was not really into Gothic Rock/Metal but that I pretty much liked that Mono Inc. gig (I didn't know the band before).

    If I remember rightly it was her first WOA. We talked quite a while (e.g. about Paradise Lost, Sisters of Mercy, Oomph). When I told her how disappointed I was about the course which Sepultura took since "Arise", she said I needed to meet one of her friends.

    She introduced me to him and he was a really nice guy. He is sightless and he wore a cap unless I am mistaken. We totally agreed about Sepultura and many other bands (Metallica e.g.) and how we used to love the songs from their early days. I recommended to him UDO's "Animal House" as the one album which brought me into metal back in '87.

    We were also talking about football and he was really surprised about me knowing NAC Breda ;)

    There was also a blonde girl who always ordered Smirnof Mojito when we others drank Whiskey with Coke.

    Later another guy whom they we're expecting to meet there, joined us.

    We had good fun during the rest of that evening especially during the Metal Karaoke.

    So inspite of talking a lot, I unfortunately never asked for names :confused:

    Probably you remember me for my football tattoo, my Bathory-Shirt, my "Live undead" back patch or my screaming for Slayer ;-)

    I'd really love to get in touch with anybody here who thinks he knows that girl or any of her friends...
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