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    Heyho Boys & Girls all over the world.
    I'v wanted to do this a looong loong time now its done the New youtubechannel MetaLPtv is ONLINE its all about Metal Cd & DvD reviews Interviews Recepiecs from metalheads and last but not least festival stuff like this Years Wacken Open Air. That means I'll be there with my camerea and talk to metalheads show a lot of funny stuff and diskuss with YOU Metal Cds and EVERYTHING.
    I still Hope for a Answer on my request from the Wacken Team. (I asked them for the promission to show you something whats going on behind the scence etc) but how ever.
    If that sounds interesting to you go to And subscribe. Don't worry it won't stay empty like this I had a lot a work to do the last few weeks so I'll get back on it the next days.
    I hope youll enjoy it but however I look forword to meet you on WACKEN.

    LG the Leo. :D

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