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    25. November 2001
    There are further news around the metal-soccer-cup available now...

    - Very important: The period for registration for teams runs to July 15th including . I typed the requirements for registration in the first thread relating to the topic (look for Metal-Soccer-Cup, important – Thread)

    - I got the promise now from Ingo that we can use the field at Thursday up to the time, where the official football match takes place, too. When the playing times are exactly now, will be fixed after July, 15th., it depends on the number of teams, mode of playing, time per game and also on the running order.
    We will strive that the overlaps are small, but it could probably not be avoided.

    - because I was several times asked about further nominations, cancellations of players etc.: You can give me the information about it, but it’s not a must. It‘s primarily important for us to know how many teams are there wanting to play. If a team has after further nominations more than 9 players, I ask to make 2 teams because of reasons of fairness. I mean, 8 players in a team are enough, with 9 say ok, but 10 are too much.

    - If you have further questions, the best way is to mail to:, but you can also contact me through PM's and ICQ.

    - I begin tomorrow with my work and I‘m 1-2 times a week in Vienna. It could be that my answers do not follow as rapidly as used, but I will strive.

    That's all for now.
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