Metal Nation-Radio .. United We Rock!!

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    Hello fellow metal heads!! I am the owner of the newest, hottest online Heavy Metal station called Metal Nation Radio. We may be new online but our owners have well over 50 years combined experience in the music industry. We would like to extend a warm welcome to everyone around the world and encourage you all to tune in to us. We are streaming 24/7 365 with live DJ's/Shows from around the globe. Users can use their own media players or tune in on tablets and smartphones using the Tunein Radio app (free)

    Unlike other nations..the Metal Nation does not discriminate against age, sex, race, nationality, language, religious or political beliefs. We are a nation of hard rocking, headbanging metal heads who all share one common bond..the love of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. We are a community of music lovers who refuse to be separated by boundaries and borders. We are METAL NATION RADIO..UNITED WE ROCK!

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