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    21. Januar 2004
    YES the wait is finally over. To all true metalheads, Kryptos' debut album - SPIRAL ASCENT is finally and officially available. So watch out for loads of denim, long hair and booze.

    Track list :

    1. Cursed Evolution (intro)
    2. Altered Destinies
    3. Forgotten land of ice
    4. Clandestine Elements
    5. In twilight's grace
    6. Expedition to abnormalia
    7. Satyr like face
    8. Forsaken
    9. Descension
    10. Spiral Ascent

    The album costs a measly $9 and a truckload of blood, sweat and beers have gone into the making of this record.

    The album features ultra killer artwork by Niklas Sundin of Dark Tranquillity.

    What you get is a solid hours worth of 100% pure Heavy \M/etal. Totally professionally pressed, packaged and produced. no cd-r type demo crap. This is the real deal. Expect tons of 80's metal riffs and solos, Iron Maiden type single bass drum gallops, vocals ala the legendary Sodom and a few ass kicking doom/stoner riffs ala Black Sabbath/Candlemass all wrapped up in the trademark Kryptos uber metallic sound.

    Check out the Mp3 samples on our site

    Order you copy NOW by mailing us at
    and we'll let you know what mode of payment you could use.

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