met and lost @ children of bodom concert

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    Hi, :confused:

    I'm looking for two German boys we met during the children of bodom concert. We all stood together at the right back side from the stage (where a flood of crowdsurfers passed our heads towards the stage).

    Descriptions: Boy 1: black hear, lenght of a finger, aproximately 1m90, thin, wearing a white contact lense in the left eye, three piercings in the under lip, glove with pins from elbow to polse (to punch crowdsurfers, hihi), a black shirt (forgot the print, sorry) and a long black skirt till the ground. Detail: he asked if we wanted to sit on his back to have a better view on the stage (very friendly offer!)
    Boy 2: black-blue hair, schoulder length, very blue eyes, about 1m80, also slim, rather a shy type, black pants, black shirt (forgot the print too). Detail: one of us suddenly grabbed his face, trying to warn him for an upcoming crowdsurfer, saying "cuidado" (spanish for "look out") which made him a little confused... oops!

    Anyway, after the concert we have been very stupid not to open our mouths and talk to these guys... :( Both of them made a deep impression on us, which is very strange. Therefore we would like to trace them and get to know them a little bit better.

    If you should happen to know who we mean and you know them, post a reply, send us a mail,... just let us know, ok? Thanx!

    Greetz from Spain

    BTW: the concert of Children of Bodom was "ganz geil" (as you germans say ;) )
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