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    12. August 2016
    WTF?!?!?!? I was such a fan.. and some part of me was hopeing that during the "final battle".. Wacken and Manowar would come to an agreement..

    But now... HELL TO THE NO!!!!

    This situation is so F'd Up with Karl.. but.. for all those that claim the "Innocent until proven guilty".... Karl was charged/arrested on AUGUST 2nd (or early august sometimes.. forgive if not exact).. and the ONLY reason they released a statement yesterday.. was.. the media finally picked up on it..

    IF THEY WANTED to distance themselves from a possible POS.. they would have taken the attack back in August to distance themselves... waiting, as they have, makes me feel like they only released the statement cause everyone knows now... so.. they KNEW.. and let it go.. WTF... NOT COOL!!!

    As much as I wished for WACKEN to announce Manowar.. I REALLY hope.. they do not at this point.. I was a fan.. for many, many years.... I will keep my memories.. and not want to move forward..

    Shame.. on Joey and Eric for the delay of action...………… Shame...………….. SHAME!!!!

    no more hammers held high....

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