Lost Topi from Finnland (Campground S)

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    Lost Topi (i hope this is the right name :confused:) from Finnland - Campground S

    You arrived on Friday with your Motorbike.
    We met each other friday night, searching our tents.
    We walked together - drinking beer, looking for more Music (crematory we missed :(), searching always our tents and so on.
    We spend the hole night together (with walking *hahaha*) had a little "fight" with a friend of mine, met some nice german boys, sleeping a little time on the table and drinking more beer.
    In the morning (maybe at 8:00) we broke up because??? i don´t know :confused:

    So, maybe you read this here or a friend of yours. It would give me a great pleasure to speak to you again or meet you next year in Wacken for a "second" night walking together.

    Do you remember?: "I´m sorry, my english is so bad" (you can read it here, too) *hahahaha* and "no babys" :D

    Mirjam CampGround U ("W" ;)) from Germany

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