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    Hey everybody

    So, i'll be traveling to wacken with a buddy on wednesday, and we are looking for more peeps to make camp have some extra company share a beer or two etc. The past two years we were sort of on our own on wacken, since we are, how to put this, not that socially outgoing, and we wanna change that this year.

    About us, we are both 25, male, coming from greece, sort of fluent in english, know german as well, but kinda weak in that lately to be honest. We will be traveling via bus to wacken, so we won't have that many stuff like stereos and grills etc, nevertheless are fun to be with. Any guy/girl/group/e.t. is welcome to join us, the more the merrier. For more info, you can contact me via PM on this forum, or via email/skype to solmyr21r@hotmail.com. Also, we will be traveling from Hbrg Airport with coach to wacken on 01.08, getting together allready from there would be great.
    Looking forward to some replies

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