Looking for guy from Hamburg airport 09.08.10

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    24. August 2010
    I am looking for a guy from Hamburg airport. We see each other on the terminal 11, to get the flight LH 027 to Frankfurt (09.08.10/19:45).
    Everything I know from him is that he was on WACKEN that weekend and he traveling with his friend, who was really a funny guy. We had some eye-contact but we have no chance to speak.
    He had brown long hair and wore black t-shirt, shorts and nike shoes. His friend had blond long hair.
    I guess that he and his friend are getting an oneward flight in Frankfurt.

    This is my last chance to get in contact with him and I hope that anyone can help me who know him.

    I am very broken-hearted.....:(:(:(

    Thank you!!! :)

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