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    So, I saw that movie a whole eternity ago and translated into Russian. I am not sure in which country it was actually made; the name, when translated into Russian, was something like "Blast" or "Explosion".

    The background of the story is, that some kind of explosion destroyed most of the Earth's population - all those who were older than 25 (or was it even 23??? I am not sure about the actual age though), and basically only youngsters remain alive (I do not remember seeing any kids in the movie though).

    The plot is that a bunch of survivors - young men and women - travels across the land (US or some other? I don't know anymore) and meets other survivors, who have grouped together for this or that reason - I remember there was something like a religious sect, and something that looked like a warriors' clan and and and - each group is really peculiar and has its own rules, and some of them want to make the travellers stay (not quite successfully though).

    The whole setting reminds a little bit of Mad Max. And I do not fucking remember the end of the movie - what the outcome was and if the travellers reached any goal on their way.

    Well, I do know this is too little information - maybe, this is why the IMDB search did not bring me much. So I try it here - maybe I am lucky? :o:D
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    I don't know for sure.

    It sounds a little bit like 'the Book of Eli'

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