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    Junior high school math study habits and methods of cultivation
    Abstract guarantee to fully enhance the level of students' knowledge and ability to learn the full development of good study habits. Teaching in schools, not just to help students acquire knowledge, more importantly, to help students learn how to learn.

    Key words good study habits classroom learning perseverance individual guidance

    study habits have an important impact on student learning, good study habits to ensure the full development of the students' knowledge level to fully enhance and learning ability. The main causes of learning difficulties is to develop good study habits. Teaching in schools, not just to help students acquire knowledge, more importantly, to help students learn how to learn. The cultivation of good study habits is one of the most important task of teaching. The learning process of mathematics including classroom learning, homework, testing,Dior pas cher, inspection, and other sectors. Junior high school math teachers should be learning from the classroom, homework and test checks to cultivate the habit of learning mathematics.

    classroom classroom learning habit learning is the main positions of the learning activities of students, classroom learning habits are the most important student study habits content. Mathematics classroom learning habits mainly: thinking questions will note, will be "discovered".
    1, will be thinking
    thinking is to require students to understand the basis of mathematical definitions,hollister españa, theorems, a similar concept analogy, the distinction between (such as the radius and diameter center distance and even heart line "concept), by distinguishing between analog to deepen the understanding of the concept of reach with ease, this series of activities is thinking. Teachers through regular coaching in the classroom, inspire, and guide students to form these modes of thinking activity, develop the habit of thinking,ugg greece.
    2, will ask questions the
    discover and find difficulties in thinking, wondering, and the existence of difficulties and doubts to ask questions to the teachers in the classroom, this is a question by the Hon. "Scholars will need to doubt", "I do not know you know, no I do not know is ignorance." Actively ask questions of knowledge in the students' classroom learning study habits. Actively ask questions of the students, the teachers will be able to in a timely manner to exclude students thought disorder, to help students learn knowledge. Students to ask questions, to actively participate in the teaching process, mutual encouragement, motivation, and can improve the efficiency of classroom teaching. Teachers should help students will ask questions, so that students know that only a clear various concepts in mathematics, to find the problem. As in the round and round a positional relationship between the two circles containing 0 ≤ d <| r1-r2 |, the two circles cut 0 Public tangent point. If D = 0, both the circle coincides with the inner cutting contradiction. Through this question is not only to solve this problem, while prompting the students to a deeper understanding of the concept. Questioning students pay tribute to - whatever the problem, even if it is rather childish and bizarre, because it is the result of the activities of the students' thinking, should be encouraged to make such a learning behavior continued to occur in the future learning. Used to actively ask questions to make students and teachers but also the creation within the classroom loose, democratic atmosphere, the students freedom unfettered thinking, broader, more profound pursuit of "what" and "why" answer.
    3, will note
    class to take notes, not simply transcribe teacher writing on the blackboard, but require students to organize knowledge in lectures, which includes teachers in the ways of thinking and student's own thinking process and results, as well as the presence of difficult. Language is the carrier of the thinking process of taking notes language operation, the brain positive thinking process, to cultivate people's thinking ability. Take notes can make the lectures more concentration, more efficient classroom learning. As examples to explain: Known â–³ ABC, AB = AC = 5,longchamp pliage, BC = 8, seeking â–³ ABC heart and the distance between the circumcenter. After analysis that, the inner vertex bisector, circumcenter where a straight line. A student in a timely manner to these conclusions found in a notebook, I immediately praised his students, the experience in a notebook. The other students are to imitate his conclusions in a notebook. This will be able to improve classroom teaching effect. The teachers available curricular urge extracurricular check the way students habits. Which also requires that teachers regularly commenting and individual guidance. Students persevere, will be able to take for granted.
    4, will be "discovered"
    "discovered" means to find the law observed by inspiring students on math problems, analysis, synthesis, abstraction and generalization, summed up the general conclusion, so that the knowledge to achieve the orderly and systematic. Here, requires a change in teaching teachers, the students listen, divergent thinking, inspire students to actively explore. To understand the the imitative question group through exploratory exercises to conjecture variant, discovery, development, problem sets, and a spreadsheet - summarized - guess - demonstrate "learning mode . Attention should also be given "to a given problem," questions changeable "," more than one diagram with "teaching, expand students' ideas. Guide students to discover the laws, guiding students to learn and use, "in Learning Mathematics leads to the problem - a guess - deductive conclusion - knowledge of the use of" scientific way of thinking, to develop the the regular scientific habits of mind "discovered".
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