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    The official launch date for the webmagazine KHAEOTICA | Projekt Art Extravaganzza is set to take place on January 01st, 2006 E.H. !

    The new format will present lots of news, reviews, interviews, live reports, editorials, various articles, multimedia galleries, jokes etc.

    Excepts from the first new online issue:
    Reviews: Solefald, Arcturus, Rammstein, System Of A Down, The Velvet Underground, Anorexia Nervosa, Ozzy, The Gathering...
    Interviews: Andrei Rusu, Orphaned Land, Solefald, Arcturus, Xandria, Satanöchio, Loudness, Leaves' Eyes, End Of Green...
    Live Reports: Metal Camp Fest 2005, Amphi Festival 2005, Nightwish, Arcturus, Wacken Open Air 2005, Orphaned Land...
    Editorial: Khaeotica's Emergence...
    Contest: Beauty Of Pain Prods. offers a CD with the latest Vokodlok album as a prise for a special competition...
    Multimedia Gallery: Audio clips, Video clips and Pictures for download...
    Joke: Metal Fairytale...

    For an even more pleasand experience with the new facilities of we suggest you to use the registering system to become members, a special status that will give you the possibilities to visualize all the images at quality standards and also in their original colours, to participate in our contests, to be able to download or to use your vote ability on specific sections.

    We can also be find on the Internet pages of MySpace at the following locations: &

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